Hello and welcome!

I'm Jess Bevan, a Surrey and Hampshire based photographer, currently studying (BA Hons) Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

Over the last few months, my business has been growing, and I cover different areas of work including Theatre, family / individual portraits, and actors' headshots. I love working in these areas and being able to work with such a variety of people. My aim as a photographer is to bring an informal but professional approach to each shoot and individual person, to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy the experience. Location work is great for this as it allows you as the client to choose somewhere that makes you feel happy and safe; After all, I am there for you, and to help capture the best side of you. Being in an open space can help to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Having been involved in the world of Theatre and the Creative Arts from a young age, I believe it gives me a better understanding of what is needed in the realms of Theatre photography. This also includes headshots used for agents and casting directors, or in some cases, model agencies. As well as being behind the camera, I was also subject to actors headshots so I know how awkward and uncomfortable it can be! My aim is to help you relax, feel confident in front of the camera and to help you in any way possible to get the best outcome. Acting has also given me the confidence to work with people I'm unfamiliar with, to make them comfortable, and to pursue new and exciting works with major theatre companies.

I also have an on-going photography relationship with a fantastic company of actors, The Hunt Academy for Young Actors. I was part of the company when they first came about many years ago, and now work as their rehearsal and Showcase photographer. HAYA has been a major role in this development, with my photos being used for their own website. Being able to photograph a single subject or multiple subjects, interacting with them through the shoot is wonderful. It's also hugely rewarding when someone is hesitant and shy, but slowly bloom and I've been able to capture that moment on camera. Through all of this, I've started to gain clients, who have been wonderful to work with in each shoot; this is something I've been aiming to achieve since the beginning of my degree, and it's a lifetime achievement!

Another area of photography I enjoy greatly in landscape photography. I was never interested in this at the start of my photography development, but have come to appreciate the work that goes into it. Photographing landscapes allows for more experimentation with colour, patterns and other aspects of capturing our natural landscapes and different environments. It will always be something I complete alongside my portraiture works.